Data Collection and Management

The future for most companies lies in their ability to understand and respond to consumer data. Evidence based decision making has become the linchpin for success in both private sector and public sector enterprises. Adding data collection and management skills to your list of competencies is a smart way to increase your job marketability in many fields.

The 12-credit Graduate Certificate in Data Collection and Management offers skills that can be used to begin or advance your careers in areas like market research, social policy analysis, education, health, politics, social services and more. Since its inception in 2014, the program has been enriched by contributions from a network of local employers that offer guidance on course curricula, guest lectures, hands-on projects for students, as well as information to our graduates about how to advance in their fields.

Upon completing the Certificate, students may apply to go on and complete just 6 more courses to earn their Master of Arts in Social Research and Analysis.

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