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Kevin Ha, Class of 2016

Posted in: Alumni

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The Sociology department at Montclair State University has prepared me well for a career in research. After completing an undergraduate degree in Sociology in 2016, I went on to complete the Data Collection & Management Graduate Certificate under the excellent instruction of Professor Donoghue and Professor Besen-Cassino. The research skills, methodological knowledge, and theoretical background I’ve gained from both my undergraduate and graduate experience has given me the opportunity to partake in a variety of fascinating research projects post-graduation, including studying migration at the CUNY Graduate Center and Institutional research at Hunter College.

Currently, I am pursuing my Ph.D. in Sociology at Northeastern University, continuing to utilize the strong set of skills I’ve gained. With the intensive thesis-focused degrees in Sociology offered, I have been able to continue pursuing and expanding on my research interests in transnational migration and globalization with confidence. I highly recommend those interested in pursuing a career in research or working with data to look more into the ever-growing Sociology department at Montclair State University. With the recent introduction of a research-oriented Master’s degree, there will be a wide range of options open to graduates in both academic and non-academic jobs.