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Tamara Ogle, Class of 2019

Posted in: Alumni

Photo of Tamara Ogle

Throughout my journey at Montclair State University I have gone down many roads and many majors that did quite fit. From starting with Psychology to somehow stumbling into Media Arts, I never felt exactly myself or that I was utilizing my unique skills properly. Upon taking an introductory Sociology course with Professor Singh, I finally felt at home at MSU, in the Sociology department.

When I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Sociology in 2019, I knew from then that my journey wasn’t done and that I would be back at MSU to continue on. As I embark on my second year of my Master’s in Social Research and Analysis and as a Graduate Assistant for the College of Education and Human Services, I feel confident and ready to apply my studies directly to my work. Knowing that many recent graduates find trouble being able to relate their education to their careers, I feel truly lucky to say so!

I owe it all of the fantastic faculty of the Sociology department that makes sure every student feels seen, heard, and educated properly.