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Tayler Szabo, Class of 2018

Posted in: Alumni

photo of Taylor Szabo

I knew before my freshman year at Montclair State that I wanted to major in Sociology after I had my first sociology class through a program with my high school and MSU. The classes I took made me feel seen in my world outlook. I had entered MSU as undecided just for admission’s sake but on the first day of my freshman fall semester, I immediately went to my advisor and changed my major to Sociology. My time in undergrad was put at ease by the sociology department’s competency. Even though I am one to prefer to figure things out myself, I knew I could count on the staff of the department to help with my academic needs.

I graduated from MSU in 2018 and took a year off to study for my LSATs. While most might think the best major for law school is political science, I’m grateful for my sociology background, and now I’m entering law school this fall at Seton Hall University with a full scholarship!

Even though I know I won’t be studying government or constitutional law, the skills I learned through sociology had sharpened my analytical quickness. Having a Sociology degree shows that you are capable of deciphering trends and patterns, finding any and all variables that affect whatever problem it is you’re tackling.

Sociology is a make your own adventure major, you can do whatever you want with it and you won’t feel tied down to a specific career path come graduation. Take advantage of all the programs the department has to offer and you’ll go far. Best of luck!