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Mohamed Hassan, Class of 2020

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Photo of Sociology Alumni Mohamed Hassan

I started my college career back in 2013 after my discharge from the Marine Corps in California but fast forward to the end of 2017 I ended up back in New Jersey, my original home state. Once I settled down, I applied to Montclair State University through an instant decision day event. My interest in Sociology didn’t fully ignite until I stepped foot through MSU’s welcoming doors. I had the pleasure and honor of not only taking courses with the esteemed professors of the MSU Sociology department but also getting to know them outside of the classroom as great mentors. I appreciated every moment I had in the classroom and outside the classroom. Moreover, each professor in the department was unique in their own way and had vast knowledge in multiple aspects of Sociology and even outside of that.

I would like to give a shout out to my professors who were not only awesome individuals but also great mentors who I looked up to for guidance and help Dr. Wang, Dr. Parashar, Dr. Ruszczyk, and Dr. Calluori. If it was not for these amazing professors I would have never thought about a career in Social Work. Each one of them gave me their insight when I mentioned my interest in pursuing a Master’s in Social Work and also words of encouragement which pushed me to apply to NYU’s Silver School of Social Work. I applied before MSU’s finals week and received my acceptance letter by May. I am beyond delighted and grateful to MSU’s Sociology department which is equipped with the best team of professors. For me they are the dream team.