Online Tools

Students talkingThere are various online tools available to you as alumni through MONTCLAIRconnect. Join the Career Advisory Network, view job postings, and more.

  • The Career Advisory Network is an online mentoring program for alumni and/or current students. Volunteer alumni mentors share their knowledge, experiences and insights regarding careers, industries, and organizational cultures through one-on-one in-person meetings, emails, and/or phone conversations.
  • Business Exchange allows you to search for products and services advertised by fellow alumni and other community members. Or create, post – and update -- your own listings to promote your business, products, or services.
  • Five O'Clock Club - take advantage of a FREE lifetime membership to the Five O'Clock Club, recognized as an authority on job search and career management issues.

Utilize the following lifelong career resources provided by the Center for Career Services and Cooperative Education. In order to access many of the tools, you will need an access code, which you can obtain by calling 973-655-4141 or by logging onto MONTCLAIRconnect.

  • Career Directions is the Career Center’s web-based job listing service. This service will help you find part-time and full-time positions, send a resume directly to employers over the Internet, and find mentors in fields that interest you.
  • Career Builder and are just some of the research databases available to you.
  • is a comprehensive, web-based tool, which allows you to create, present, and manage your resumes.
  • Focus-2 offers career guidance and self-assessment program.

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If you need assistance, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 973-655-4141 or