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Tobin Bell

Tobin Bell – Class of 1970

A Character’s Actor

Tobin Bell ’70 MA is best known for his role as the psycho killer John Kramer, aka “Jigsaw,” in the Saw horror film series. But long before he was torturing people on the big screen, he was earning his master’s degree in Environmental Studies at Montclair State.

Michael Price

Michael Price – Class of 1981

Writer, co-producer of The Simpsons

Don’t wake Michael Price from the incredible dream he’s having. It’s the one where he’s collaborating to create the most iconic piece of American pop culture of the last quarter century and the longest-running animated show in television history.

Melba Moore

Melba Moore – Class of 1970

“I’m just getting started.”

Even with a career that has spanned more than four decades and included a Tony Award, four Grammy nominations, television shows and movies, R&B legend Melba Moore has no plans to wind down.