Photos of a pair of alums from the Class of 1967 at their 50th reunion reviewing yearbook.



Congratulations to the Class of 1970 on the 50th anniversary of your graduation from Montclair State! On June 24, a virtual gathering to reminisce and reconnect with Class of 1970 alumni was held. During the virtual event, a video designed especially for the class was debuted. It showcased the campus as it looked in the 60’s and 70’s. You’ll also see the campus as it looks today.

An in-person celebration for the Classes of 1970, 1971 and 1972 will be planned for May 2022.

For information, contact Karen Hackett, Office of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement, at 973-655-4207 or

Take a walk down memory lane! Browse online yearbooks and reminisce about your time at Montclair State.

1970 Montclair State Football Team Celebrates Their 50th Reunion

It has been 50 years since the memorable 1970 football season at what was then Montclair State College. In 1970, the team completed a 8-1 regular season and celebrated their second consecutive NJAC Title. The team was invited to play in the postseason Knute Rockne Bowl at the Convention Hall in Atlantic City. Montclair State secured a 7-6 victory over Hampden Sydney College and brought home the trophy.

In celebration of that accomplishment, the 1970 football team reunited to celebrate their 50th anniversary of their championship game. The team was deemed the “greatest football team to ever play at Montclair State” as the only football team in New Jersey to ever win a national championship. The story of this historic game was told over the loudspeakers at Sprague Field as the members of the team were greeted by the spirit squads with roaring cheers and applause during halftime.