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Luis Alberto Urrea

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Selected Book Reviews

"Death's Desert Trek" (Jonathan Kirsch, LA Times, April 18, 2004)

"To Hell and Back" (Tom Montgomery-Fate, Boston Globe, April 25, 2004)

"Dead Men Walking" (Susan Zakin, LA Weekly, June 3, 2004)

"Border Tragedies" (Jon Shumaker, Tuscon Weekly)

"'Devil's Highway' follows fatal journey across the border" (Marc Ramirez, Seattle Times, April 30, 2004)

Selected Interviews

"Conversation with Luis Urrea" (WaterBridge Review)

"Interview with Luis Alberto Urrea" (

"Luis Urrea interview: Pulitzer Prize finalist talks about compassion, education and the border before his appearances in Kalamazoo" (John Liberty,, March 6, 2012)

"The road to hell: Luis Alberto Urrea explores a tragic trip with a deadly detour" (Edward Morris,, April 2004)


"Between Two Worlds: Life on the Border" (Interview with Bill Moyers - 52:46)

"The Devil's Highway" (Interview with John Bersia, University of Central Florida - 24:04)

"Devil's Highway: An Evening with Author Luis Urrea" (From University of Washington TV - 1:23:54)

"One-on-One: Luis Urrea" (Interview with Maria Hinojosa, WGBH - 26:47)

"Interview with Luis Alberto Urrea" (From Mayborn School of Journalism - 8:19)

Other miscellaneous video interviews

Related Articles

"Finding Peace on the Devil's Highway" (Clay Latimer, Coloradan magazine, June 1, 2011)

"Border Patrol: Along the Devil's Highway" (Tim Cahill, National Geographic)

Other Resources

Interactive map of the Devil's Highway

American Immigration Council

Immigration Policy Center

"West Coast's Second Largest Paper Drops the Term 'Illegal Immigrant'" (Jorge Rivas,, May 21, 2013)

Winners of the American Immigration Council's 2012 "Change in Motion" multimedia contest, a competition which "challenges young adults to explore the role that immigration plays in their lives and communities":

Luis Urrea @ Twitter

"Luis Urrea's Surrealistic Mexican-American Tale 'Into the Beautiful North'" (Dylan Foley, September 24, 2011)

"Cops, Coyotes and the Politics of Stupidity" (Luis Urrea, THe Washington Post, May 27, 2007)

U.S. Naturalization Self Test

"For Asian Undocumented Immigrants, a Life of Secrecy" (Zi Heng Lim, The Atlantic, May 14, 2013)

Teaching Guides

University of Louisville's 2009-2010 Book-in-Common guide to The Devil's Highway (includes overview, glossary of terms, other resources including using The Devil's Highway across the curriculums)

University of Arkansas discussion guide to The Devil's Highway (opens as a .pdf; includes discussion topics, other resources)

University of Washington's 2008-2009 Common Book guide to The Devil's Highway (includes overview, other resources including links and related articles)

Reading Group Guide to The Devil's Highway (includes discussion questions, author information, and an excerpt)