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John Quimby ’81

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John Quimby

John Quimby ’81 credits his education at Montclair State University as the launching point for a successful career with three financial institutions over a 43-year span. His latest, and longest tenure of 20 years, has been with Wells Fargo Bank where he is a senior vice president.

When the Paramus native – and now Virginian – enrolled at Montclair State, he was just 25 years old with a wife and two children to support. He had attended community college for two years and had just started a career in banking, working for United Jersey Bank in an entry-level position in the company’s data processing division.

“As I pursued my career in banking, I quickly realized the importance of a college degree and how it would open up future opportunities in the business world,” John says. “The job market is competitive; companies have lots of candidates to choose from today. A college degree shows commitment to learning, hard work and better prepares you for the challenges ahead.”

Once he decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree, John knew right away which institution he would attend: Montclair State. It offered affordable tuition, provided a solid business program and the commute fit into his busy schedule juggling family and work obligations. After working at United Jersey Bank during the day, he would commute 30 minutes to Montclair State for night classes in pursuit of his BA in business administration.

After graduation, John rose swiftly in the banking world. He left United Jersey Bank in 1987 as an assistant vice president for a full-time sales position with The Bank of New York. After nine and a half years as a vice president and team leader for the New York and New Jersey Middle Market Sales Team, he resigned to join Wells Fargo. Now, as a senior vice president and project manager in the bank’s Treasury Management Division, he’s eyeing retirement sometime in 2018.

A financial supporter of Montclair State for more than 10 years now, John has maximized his giving by taking advantage of the matching funds program of his company’s philanthropic arm, the Wells Fargo Foundation. He says many companies offer similar programs and they are a great way to support colleges and universities.

“During my 20 years at the bank, senior management has shown their commitment to supporting local communities by donating both time and tidings to organizations and people in need,” John says. “That type of commitment has made me more aware of the importance of giving, and that if enough people care, you can really make a difference. Many companies like Wells Fargo have matching gift programs – a great way to support colleges and universities.”

A firm believer in giving back, John also encourages other alumni and friends of the University to contribute to the institution – no matter the size of the gift – so that they can help shape the future of students for years to come.

“It’s not how much you contribute that’s important, it’s the fact that you contribute that’s important,” he says. “There is strength in numbers and every dollar will help the students – tomorrow’s leaders.”