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Red Hawk Callers Ring Again!

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Don’t be surprised if you get a phone call soon from a Red Hawk Caller! These hard-working students make more than 250,000 calls to alumni, parents and friends, seeking vitally-needed support for Montclair State programs and services.

Annual gifts through The Fund for Montclair State have a direct and meaningful impact on the lives of our students by providing much needed support for scholarships; improvements to classrooms, laboratories, campus facilities; new program development; and technologies that give our students an edge in an increasingly competitive world.

All gifts, large and small, make a difference. You can designate your gift to support the University’s greatest needs, or to an area that is most meaningful to you — your school/college, department, program, sport or organization. There are also special funds that provide direct and immediate support to students in need. The Red Hawk Pantry, Emergency Scholarship Fund and Emergency Book Fund are just some examples.

The work that the Red Hawk Callers perform not only benefits the University, but also lets them learn from alumni about what Montclair State was like in years gone by, and gives them a glimpse into life after graduation. Through daily communications with alumni, the students learn what their futures might hold, while also letting graduates know what’s currently happening at Montclair State.

“Being a Red Hawk Caller has given me the opportunity to learn about Montclair State’s rich history from our wonderful alumni,” says student supervisor Jewel Boyd ’18. “Not only do I learn about the past, I also play a role in the future development of our campus. Without the generous support from alumni, Montclair State would not be the university it is today.”

Our hard-working students rely on your dedication to fulfill their dreams. Please accept our sincere thanks for your ongoing support. We hope you enjoy speaking to our students. By giving today, you can make an immediate and positive difference to Montclair State students. To make an impact, make your gift today.