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Emma Kaptein ’13

The production assistant for the New York Giants credits her past internships and Montclair State’s Center for Career Services for letting her realize that sports and broadcasting were her passions all along.

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Emma Kaptein

“Montclair State’s Center for Career Services was a huge help when I was on the hunt for internships, and those experiences opened up many doors for me in my career,” says Emma Kaptein ’13, who graduated from Montclair State with a BA in Broadcasting as well as minors in Film and Sociology in 2013. Landing an internship with the New York Giants during her junior year at Montclair State is what led her to her current position as a production assistant for the team.

“My role has changed every year since I’ve been here, which is why I love being part of the New York Giants,” she says. Kaptein started working for the New York Giants as a production intern in 2012. After graduating from Montclair State, she was hired her as a freelance production assistant. In 2015, the football team created a full-time position for Kaptein and hired her as a production assistant.

In her role, she is responsible for producing, editing, coordinating, and scheduling content for the team’s social media channels and website. She also serves as an on-air host for features which are included in different social media platforms. During home games, she helps coordinate and manage game day entertainment including pre-game ceremonies, anthem performers, half-time entertainment and fan giveaways. While on the road for away games, Kaptein works alongside the social media team to deliver content for the team’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat accounts. “I wear multiple hats in my role, and I absolutely love it. It gives me an opportunity to learn every day,” she says.

In January, Kaptein had the opportunity to work the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando, Florida, as the Giants had four players selected. She traveled to the Sunshine State as the team’s social media correspondent to cover the event.

Kaptein knew she wanted to get into broadcasting at a young age. As a child, she did modeling and acting. Although she continues to model in her spare time, the exposure of working on commercial sets and live TV opened her eyes to the world of broadcasting. Growing up a NY Giants fan, being able to do what she does for a career is a dream come true. “I love everything about working in the NFL – it’s not just one thing. Football is my passion,” she says.

As an undergraduate at Montclair State, Kaptein lived on campus all four years and was a member of Theta Kappa Chi, a local Montclair sorority. “During my time as a sister, I learned a lot about leadership, communication skills and managing which are tools that I use in my position every day,” she says. Kaptein also took on a study abroad opportunity and traveled to Sicily with a select group of students from the broadcasting department. “It was a great cultural experience to get away from the classroom and work on projects in a different atmosphere,” she says.

Much like other students, she saw the value of internships and sought assistance from the Center for Career Services. Living on a campus that was in close proximity to New York City gave her the chance to seek internships and modeling opportunities in the Big Apple. Prior to interning with the NY Giants, Kaptein interned at NBCUniversal, as an assistant media technician where she learned about the back end of television production. In her senior year, she took on a life-changing internship opportunity with CBS Sports. As she puts it, “this internship pretty much sealed the deal for that working in sports would become my mission.”

Kaptein will always have fond memories of Montclair State and hopes that students will make the most out of their college experience. “Complete as many internships as you can! I learned so much about my industry working outside the classroom and connecting with individuals who are successful in the business,” she says. “The more experience you can gain, the more of a well-rounded person you will be.”