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Dr. Pennington Retiring

Support Rocky’s Closet in Honor of Dr. Pennington’s Retirement

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After a successful 22-year career, Dr. Karen L. Pennington will be retiring on April 1 as Vice President of Student Development and Campus Life at Montclair State University.

Since she came to the University in 1988, Dr. Pennington has led by example. Her skills, knowledge and long history of impressive achievements, ignited her deep passion for the development of students.

“Dr. Pennington understood that being able to meet the basic needs of students was an integral step in creating an environment for students to succeed at the University. Her genuine concern for their health, safety and well-being and her forward vision, resulted in the creation of exceptional and innovative programs and services for students. These initiatives have helped to empower and support students in and outside the classroom,” says Dr. Margaree Coleman-Carter, Dean of Students.

Dr. Pennington noticed that many students attending the career fair in recent years did not have appropriate professional attire. For some students, the cost of a suit or other professional clothing can be cost-prohibitive. Dr. Pennington once again rallied behind another initiative in support of our students – Rocky’s Closet.

Rocky’s Closet provides professional clothing to any student who needs it so they are best prepared for their interviews and careers.

“I’ve had the opportunity to watch students enter Rocky’s Closet, and leave with a huge smile on their faces because they found the outfit they needed. They were ready and felt a little more confident than when they first entered. That is exactly what Dr. Pennington envisioned,” says Associate Dean of Students Fatima deCarvalho.

Join us as we come together to support Rocky’s Closet in honor of Dr. Pennington’s retirement. Dr. Pennington has made it her mission to put students first. Help us leave a lasting legacy in her name by supporting this important initiative.

“It is not about the clothing, but how the clothing makes the student feel – determined, confident, empowered,” notes Associate Dean deCarvalho. “Providing a student with a professional outfit may give them the confidence to land their dream job which helps them obtain economic independence. That is Dr. Pennington’s ultimate goal for Rocky’s Closet – one suit, one tie, one dress at a time.”

Dean Coleman-Carter adds, ”Personally, Dr. Pennington is generous with her gifts and time and is often the first to contribute to initiatives for students sponsored by the University and the Division. She continues to serve as a mentor and role model to numerous students and professional staff. Dr. Pennington leaves a legacy of a deep and lasting commitment to the field of Student Affairs and Higher Education..

Learn more about how you can celebrate Dr. Pennington and her vision by supporting Rocky’s Closet.