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Meet the Montclair State University Foundation Board Officers

Anthony M. Carlino, Esq. ’77; Robert Iacullo ’76; Penelope Vance

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Photo collage of Montclair State Foundation Board Members Anthony M. Carlino, Esq. ’77; Robert Iacullo ’76; Penelope Vance
Montclair State University Foundation Board Officers Anthony M. Carlino, Esq. ’77; Robert Iacullo ’76; and Penelope Vance

With the appointment of Greg Collins ’79 to his new role as chair of the Montclair State University Foundation, the Foundation’s executive committee has taken on new roles – rounding out a leadership team intent on moving the Foundation to new heights.

Anthony M. Carlino ’77, partner in the law firm McElroy, Deutsch, Mulvaney & Carpenter, moved into the vice chair seat from his prior role as secretary.

“My involvement as an alumnus began when a neighbor, who is on the Advisory Board of the Business School, invited me to attend a get-together. That led to me becoming more directly involved at the University and ultimately a member of the Foundation Board of Trustees. I have been on the Board for just over ten years.”

“As vice chair, my goal is to support Greg any way I can, which in turn will support the Foundation’s mission,” Carlino continues. “We have watched the Foundation grow financially, and the size and scope of the board has grown as well. The entire board is focused on raising funds to enable people to earn a college education, who otherwise might not be able to. We realize the life-changing impact Montclair State has for its students, many of whom are the first in their families to attend college.”

Penelope Vance, fiduciary managing director for PNC Wealth Management, has accepted the responsibilities of secretary. Vance brings perspective as a former member of the Office of University Development. Her son was a student at Montclair State as well.

“I spent a few years helping the University develop strategic partnerships with corporations,” she explains. “When I returned to banking, President Cole invited me back as a volunteer.” Vance also serves as a member of the College of the Arts Advisory Board.

“We are here to serve the students,” Vance says of the Foundation board. “The decisions we make are for the future of the University, for future generations of students. The executive committee will be working to support scholarships, and to ensure that the endowment grows. It is important that we fill in the financial gaps for hardworking students.”

Robert Iacullo ’76, retired Executive Vice President of United Water/SUEZ, will begin a second term as treasurer. Iacullo had served on the boards of two private colleges before becoming a volunteer leader at his alma mater.

“It began when I was invited to give a presentation to graduate business students,” he remembers. “I really enjoyed talking with the students. It was so nice to reconnect with Montclair State, and to see what was going on.” Soon, he was recruited to the Feliciano School of Business Advisory Council and then to the Foundation board.

Iacullo’s focus as a member of the executive committee is to get more people involved in the University and to encourage them to become donors. “Look at the University’s mission, and all that it has accomplished. Look at the quality of the education provided, and the achievements of the students who graduate. We will continue working to provide the financial aid our students need and the educational services our students deserve.”

“Montclair State is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers who are extraordinarily generous with their time and expertise,” says Colleen Coppla, the University’s Vice President for Development. “They are true champions of our mission, and of our students. I am looking forward to working with the executive committee and the board to ensure that Montclair State will always be a place of opportunity for bright, motivated students who are ready to work hard.”