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The Countdown is On!

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The Countdown is On!

One Day for Montclair is a day where the entire Montclair State University community is invited to come together for a day of action and celebration! Your support on Thursday, April 28, 2022, will help us create opportunities, elevate achievements and celebrate our students.

Over the past 7 years, our donors have come together on One Day, to create, elevate, and celebrate Montclair student dreams raising nearly $500,000.

With generous matches and unique challenges, the impact of your gift could double, or even triple, its impact in the area of your choice. Join in the many challenges throughout One Day to support the area of campus you feel most passionate about.

To make a gift

The Latte Challenge

Gifts of all sizes add up to make great impact!  It’s about participation – being part of something special. Give up your latte for One Day, one week or one month, and make your gift to lift up the next generation of Red Hawks. Give a latte on One Day for Montclair and get a latte! That’s right. Your latte will be on us. Thanks to the generosity of our community partner, Java Love Roasting Co., get $5 off the cost of your latte or any other beverage of your choice by clicking on the link in your receipt. Valid only through the online link using pre-order pick up. Not valid in store at the register. Please note that the coupon does not include tax or tip. Promotion ends May 31.

Become a #1Day4Montclair Champion!

Help spread the word! Share your support on social media and reach out to fellow alumni as a #1Day4Montclair Team Champion. We have ONE DAY to reach as many Red Hawks as possible. To hit our goal, we need your help! As a thank you, you will receive a Montclair State phone wallet, and bring in two additional gifts to receive a One Day for Montclair t-shirt! Your participation counts. Remember – all gifts, large or small, add up to make big change.

Need more information? 

Contact the Office of Annual Giving and Alumni Engagement at 973-655-4141 or