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Students Reach out to University Donors with a Special Message

Future Alumni Network participates in phone-a-thon to show their appreciation

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Students from the Future Alumni Network (FAN)
Left to right: Sasha Villanueva ’25, Matthew Moreau ’25, Caroline Chase ‘23, Ben Bratter ‘25, Danielle Havrilla ‘23 (Secretary), Daquon Whitaker ‘24 (Treasurer), Larissa Di Rienzi ‘23, Catie Knecht ‘24, Elisha Fields ‘24, and Sidney Berger ’26.

On the evening of Thursday, December 1, students from the Future Alumni Network (FAN) gathered in the Montclair State University Office of Annual Giving for a phone-a-thon to thank loyal donors. The group made calls to over 300 individuals, expressing their gratitude as beneficiaries of the academics, services and programs made possible with donor support.

“Through their continued generosity, these folks make students’ dreams a reality,” said Kara Baldwin Brennan ‘92, Director of Annual Giving. “They support the greatest needs on campus, from areas such as The Red Hawk Pantry and Emergency Book Fund to school-based initiatives and areas of campus they feel most passionate about. Perhaps most importantly, they ensure a quality college education is affordable and accessible for all students. During this season of giving, it’s so important to show them appreciation and let them know the impact they have.“

While some of the calls were brief, many ended in lengthy conversations. “One woman was impressed I was a student calling. She asked about my major and what clubs and activities I was involved with on campus,” shared sophomore Sasha Villanueva ‘25. “She wanted to know my plans for the future and was very encouraging. She had also recently read about the mental health services available on campus and was glad to know there was such good support available for us.”

Other students stated the donors were pleasantly surprised to discover the purpose of the call was simply to express gratitude. “Many people assumed we were calling to ask for money,” noted sophomore Matthew Moreau ‘25. “They were really impressed we were taking the time to call and say thank you.”

Joining Sasha and Matthew in making calls were: Sidney Berger ‘26, Ben Bratter ‘25, Caroline Chase ‘23, Larissa Di Rienzi ‘23, Elisha Fields ‘24, Danielle Havrilla ‘23 (Secretary), Catie Knecht ‘24, and Daquon Whitaker ‘24 (Treasurer).

Future Alumni Network (FAN) was launched this fall with a mission to engage current students and enhance the student experience by volunteering and providing opportunities for interaction with successful alumni. The group works to instill pride while fostering a lifelong connection with the University.

Daquon Whitaker makes calls to donors.

Daquon Whitaker ’24, FAN Treasurer, makes calls to donors.

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To learn more about FAN, students can access the group through the Engage platform for student organizations and activities.

To make a gift to Montclair State University and support the success of students like Sasha and Matthew, visit our website or contact Kara Brennan Baldwin, Director of Annual Giving at 973-655-7492 or