Red Hawk Statue

Social Media Scavenger Hunt


  • Successfully complete and post to social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) any 6 out of the following 12 activities.
  • Your posts must contain the hashtag: #MSUHC16. If posting on Twitter, please tag @MSU_RAN.
  • Show your 6 posts to any member of the Recent Alumni Network (RAN) Committee (they will have nametags on and can be found all over campus!)
  • You will win: an invite to watch the game form the VIP Viewing Area!


Choose 6 out of 12:

  1. Swag alert! Take a photo of you in the Bookstore
  2. New space: Take a photo of you in a building that was not on campus when you graduated
  3. Little Rascals: Snap a picture in the Kiddie Zone
  4. It’s game time! Snap a picture of any Athletics game during Homecoming
  5. Baaaah! Take a photo in the petting zoo
  6. Winner! Take a photo of you playing a carnival game
  7. Ah, memories. Take a picture of your first residence hall
  8. He’s the man: Snap a SELFIE with ROCKY (the mascot)!
  9. Hangin’. Take picture of your most favorite place on campus
  10. What’d ya get? Snap a selfie with a giveaway you got today
  11. Spread your wings! Take a photo of you and the Rocky statue!
  12. Remember me? Snap a selfie with your favorite faculty or staff member!

*Bonus – a selfie of you with a RAN committee member will get you entered into a raffle for Montclair State gear!

The first 6 people to successfully complete the hunt will be invited to the VIP viewing area. Winners will be announced on social media, so be sure to follow @MontclairAlumni and @MSU_RAN to see if you’re a winner! All submissions must be in by 3:00 p.m. (game time!)