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Ellan Ben-Hayon ’96

Chief Financial Officer, Lightyear Capital

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After working for more then ten years in various financial roles at private equity firms in New York City, including The Blackstone Group and Irving Place, Ellan Ben-Hayon currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer of Lightyear Capital.

Thinking back to his time at Montclair State University, Ben-Hayon says that the opportunities given to him through Montclair State prepared him for the roles he has taken on since he graduated.

“While at Montclair State I had an internship for Prudential Reinsurance Company and it was there that I learned important skills about being a professional,” he says. “This ultimately led to a part-time position my last semester and a full-time accounting position when I graduated.”

Ben-Hayon also appreciates the services that Montclair State gave him as a student, including internship experience in his field. Many of the top accounting firms visited campus and offered him the chance to network with their representatives. This commitment to ensuring students receive professional development throughout their time at Montclair State is often what Ben-Hayon credits with helping him succeed.

As a commuter student his first two years at Montclair State, his campus involvement was limited to the hours he was on campus for class. However, he wanted to become more involved so he moved onto campus for his last two years, and became a member of several business organizations, played on numerous intramural sports teams and wrote for the school newspaper. Maximizing his time on campus allowed him to gain important perspective that has helped him throughout his career.

Ben-Hayon currently serves on the Advisory Board for the School of Business and is committed to remaining involved with the University.

“It means a lot to me to stay connected to my alma mater,” he says. “I really enjoy networking with fellow graduates and working to get more alumni involved with Montclair State.”