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Frank Galindo ’20 MBA

Through outreach and relationship building, Frank Galindo ’20 MBA, assistant vice president of Public Relations and Stakeholder Engagement at Lincoln Tech, builds awareness about the value high-quality technical education brings to students, and to the employers who hire them.

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Frank Galindo ’20 MBA believes that with the right educational opportunities, everyone can find career success in a field that suits them best. It is a philosophy he has promoted over his 22-year career at Lincoln Tech, the multi-state vocational school, as well as through his volunteer role as board member and executive vice president of partner relations with the Association of Latino Professionals For America (ALPFA) New Jersey chapter.

After studying business and marketing at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Galindo began a career in marketing production and design at Gianettino & Meredith Advertising and Graphic Point Inc. His career really took off, however, when he joined the marketing team at Lincoln Tech.

“I started out on the creative side, as marketing manager and brand advocate,” he says. “When I became the company’s national director of compliance, my responsibility transitioned from creating messages to reviewing our marketing output for compliance. It was a different perspective. I enjoyed making sure that our messages were clear and accurate. It’s an important component to building trust with our audiences.”

Galindo was enjoying success at Lincoln Tech, but there came a point when he felt that he needed to refresh his knowledge. “It was time – I was ready for graduate school,” he recalls, “but I didn’t want to overburden my family financially. Montclair’s MBA program had the same accreditation as many of the other programs I looked at and yet it was much more affordable.”

“Plus, I was already familiar with Montclair,” he adds, noting that his wife is a Montclair alumna, and that he has cousins and friends who graduated from Montclair as well. “The campus is close to home and work, which made even more sense for me.”

Galindo appreciated the cohort framework of the program, and the emphasis on teamwork and presentations. “I went into the program wanting to get up to speed on what was happening in business,” he says. “I left with knowledge about national and international economics, accounting, project management, human resources and more. The professors brought current national and global business developments into the classroom and made the news more relatable. We explored scenarios and case studies, applying theory to what was happening in the world.”

The program’s international experience component provided Galindo with even more of a worldview. “Our group traveled to Dubai and India,” he says. “We visited KPMG and the American Chamber of Commerce in India, as well as a company called Mother Dairy. It was an amazing opportunity to gain a new perspective on the global economy. I graduated from the program feeling well prepared for my current role.”

In 2021, on the heels of completing his MBA, Galindo was promoted to assistant vice president of Public Relations and Stakeholder Engagement at Lincoln Tech. “By the time I started the MBA program, I had been with Lincoln Tech for nearly 20 years,” he says. “Colleagues at every level were supportive of my studies, offering insights and letting me ask questions. As graduation rolled around, the CEO told me he wanted to develop a public and government relations program and to explore how the company could do more work in the community through volunteer efforts.”

The result was an executive role especially tailored for Galindo. Lincoln Tech, founded in New Jersey in the 1940s, is national in scope, with 22 campuses in 13 states. Galindo is responsible for building relationships with industries and community organizations across the country, as well as members of Congress and state legislatures. “I get to show the success of our programs and to highlight the value our graduates bring to the table,” he says. “I also pave the way for our employees to get involved in the community through volunteer events and activities.”

Galindo believes in the power of vocational education, but he also advocates for higher education through his work with ALPFA. In fact, in 2023 he helped organize an ALPFA student summit at Montclair, with the help of major corporate partners including Horizon BCBSNJ, Bristol Myers Squibb, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, Moody’s, Merck, and KPMG. The event was a springboard to forming an ALPFA student chapter at the University. “It was a great milestone,” he says. “ALPFA is an excellent resource for students starting their careers, and for employers seeking new talent.”

Even though he has completed his own degree program, Galindo looks forward to opportunities like this that bring him back to campus to meet with students. “I was invited to serve on a panel for Hispanic Heritage Month, along with a diversity, equity and inclusion professional from Citigroup, and I have been a speaker at graduate program open houses,” he says. “The more ambitious students will come forward to ask questions, but even the quieter ones benefit from hearing about different career routes and strategies. I think meeting alumni gives students confidence about their own choice to attend Montclair.”

In addition to his work with ALPFA, Galindo serves as a board member and secretary of the Illinois Coalition of Private Colleges and Universities and is active with the Knights of Columbus. But Montclair remains a priority. He recently joined the University’s Hispanic/Latinx/a/o Alumni Network (HLAN).

“Everyone at the Feliciano School of Business was so supportive when I was a student,” Galindo says. “I thoroughly enjoyed my classes, the projects, and the opportunities to team up with different people in my cohort. I learned how to work effectively with a range of personalities. I am happy to have opportunities to give back, and to support the next generation of business leaders.”

“I appreciate Dr. Koppell’s commitment to the Montclair tradition of offering quality higher education at a reasonable price,” he continues. “The University is a vital resource for students with limited resources who want a college education.