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Ihor Andruch ’99

Career Counselor at Berkeley College

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While attending Montclair State University, Ihor Andruch ’99 majored in Communication Studies. Working in Public Relations was something he wanted to do wholeheartedly. He worked in the Public Relations and Marketing field for over 16 years. In 2015, he had an epiphany, “I knew I wanted to change my career – but didn’t quite know what I wanted to do – but I knew it entailed helping others.”
He began working for himself, consulting in the career counseling, public relations, and marketing fields. In doing so, he created an international networking group for individuals whom were seeking employment. In helping place several dozen individuals into employment, he realized that this was his new passion. Andruch currently works as a Career Counselor at Berkeley College. “Knowing that I am playing an integral part in our students’ future success inspires me a great deal each day I go to work,” he says. He describes his job as rewarding because he is able to assist students and alumni in landing both internships and jobs.
While at Montclair State, Andruch made it his mission to become very involved. “I paid my own way and wanted to have the full college experience,” he stated. He was actively involved on campus as a Legislator and Public Relations Director for the Student Government Association, was a DJ for WMSC, and was a volunteer computer lab monitor in Life Hall. As a commuter, Andruch enjoyed campus life as well as all the resources Montclair State University had to offer. At the time that he attended college, the Communication Studies major was a very small and tightly knit group. He believes that the student size of the program allowed everyone to socialize more frequently and get know each other.
Andruch offers the following advice to current Red Hawks, “take full advantage of what the University has to offer. It’s truly an incredible place and the sky is the limit for anyone whom graduates from this wonderful institution.” For him, growing a personal network while in school is crucial because it can serve as future stepping stones to help you achieve your career goals.

When asked about the importance of participating in an internship as an undergraduate student, Andruch explains that it’s essential in order to make connections with everyone you meet. “I cannot stress the importance of internship programs. It was one of the best decisions I made when I was at Montclair State,” he says. As a student, he took part in a wonderful internship opportunity that allowed him to network and get his name out there. It served as a springboard into his professional career. Andruch interned with WXRK, 92.3 FM radio, which was home to Howard Stern at that time. Andruch was so determined to get his name out there and network that he worked more hours than he needed to.
Andruch recalls a particular faculty member who had an impact on him as a student, “Dr. Wayne Bond – what a brilliant man he was and still is. I never thought I could have a teacher who could become a lifelong friend and “life-mentor,” he asserted. Dr. Bond not only kept him engaged as a Communication Studies student, but also embedded fundamentals that Andruch uses in present day. The impact that he had on Andruch was so strong that they still keep in touch.
After graduation, Andruch stayed connected to Montclair State University. He is involved in the Recent Alumni Network (RAN) Committee. One last piece of advice that Andruch gives to current students, “take each semester one semester at a time and get involved with the clubs the University offers. They are extraordinary resume builders in addition to being a great way to grow your network professionally and personally. Once you are done with school, stay rooted and don’t cut ties with Montclair State University. Join alumni programs and attend events. Always be out there meeting people – that’s how success is achieved.”