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Marilyn Moya ’98

Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Development Seton Hall

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“You have to get the most out of every experience and allow it to shape and mold you!” says Marilyn Moya ’98. Moya currently works in the Office of Development at Seton Hall University. She explains how her experience of traveling from career to career has given her an opportunity to gain a variety of skills needed to navigate her way through the career she has now. From advertising to finance, real estate to contracting, and finally landing a job in higher education, she feels she has found a career that aligns well with her skills and interests.

While attending Montclair State, Marilyn double majored in Marketing and International Business, with a minor in Latin American Studies. “Stay focused, and it will pay off. Have a good balance of work and fun,” says Moya. Practicing her motto, she was not only a busy student when it came to her academics, but she was also actively involved on campus. “Being involved and staying connected is what is going to take you far, so take advantage of it!” She was a proud member of the Latin American Student Organization (LASO), International Student Organization (ISO), worked in various offices on campus including the Foundation office and the department of Theatre & Dance.

After graduation, Moya says she continued to feel a connection to her alma mater. “I’ve always felt connected, and the University offers so many development and networking opportunities for alumni to partake in,” she says. Her love for Montclair State was so great that she joined the Recent Alumni Network (RAN) committee.

To continue her journey, Marilyn is considering graduate school, and she feels confident that she will be sticking with higher education as a career. “I think I’ve found a career that I love,” says Moya. It goes hand in hand with my personality.”