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Stephanie Guzman ’06

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Stephanie Guzman ’06 currently works for Assurex Health, Inc where she is the Regional Business Manager. Assurex Health specializes in pharmacogenomics and is dedicated to helping healthcare providers determine the correct dosage and correct drug for patients who suffer from neuropsychiatric and other disorders. She graduated from Montclair State in 2006 with her bachelor’s degree in marketing and then went on to DeSales University where she received her MBA in marketing.
While attending Montclair State University, Stephanie involved herself in many campus activities. She was a member of the Women’s Basketball team and still connects with the team today. Stephanie gives back and donates to the program and spoke at the women’s basketball banquet. Some of her fondest memories included all the organized events for students, particular senior days, spring kickoffs, and all the sports events.
Her time at Montclair State forced her to manage balancing the business curriculum, along with a grueling senior schedule while playing basketball. This taught Stephanie how to organize, plan her days, and multitask, all while being effective. Her hard work in the classroom paid off as she was given the honor of being apart of the NCAA National Honor Society during the 2004-2005 season. One of her most influential faculty members at Montclair State was Dr. Mukherjee in the business school who helped her decide her career path.
Advice that she gives to young college students would be to network with anyone at any type of career fair as well as keeping your college contacts. Many college friends go into various careers but they sometimes overlap, giving you a connection no one else has. Her final piece of advice is, “Lastly, involve yourself in some type of athletics. Employers gravitate towards those with a competitive drive, the will to win by overcoming adversity, and the ability to collaborate in a team.”