A student sitting in CELS studying on their laptop.

Statement on Ethical Content

The principles outlined below are designed to serve as guides for professional conduct. Endorsement of these principles will benefit all those participating in the student employment program and if put into practice, will reduce the potential for abuse. These principles are intended to serve as a framework within which professionalism can be promoted.

Academic Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Students must be currently enrolled in courses at Montclair State University and at least maintain a GPA of 2.0

On-the-Job Conduct

  • During the work period, students are subject to their employer’s rules and regulations (e.g. hours of work, holidays, dress code, punctuality, etc.)
  • Personal business conducted during work hours utilizing employer resources (e.g. telephones, computers, photocopy and facsimile machines) is strongly discouraged.
  • The use of controlled substances (alcohol or drugs) prior to or during work is prohibited.
  • Students will strive to be fair, considerate, honest, trustworthy, and cooperative when dealing with others.
  • All assignments and responsibilities will be carried out in a reliable and efficient manner.
  • Suggestions for corrective changes in behavior will be accepted by the student and attempts to improve performance will be made.
  • Should any change in employment status be anticipated or if a serious dilemma arises, the employer must be notified immediately by the student.
  • A professional work ethic will be adopted by the student characterized by the use of sound theoretical principles and a personal value system.