Faculty mentoring PHD student

Co-ops & Internships

Cooperative Education is a University-wide, credit-bearing, experience-based learning program that provides students with preparation, counseling, academic projects and the opportunity to reflect on what is learned.  It’s a great resume builder and a way to test out a career.

Faculty members play a critical role in maintaining the academic integrity of the Cooperative Education program.  As an advisor, you are responsible for developing the learning agreement, assessing learning outcomes, and communicating with the worksite supervisor.  Contact your career services office to learn more!

Faculty Advisor Role

A Cooperative Education Faculty Advisor’s primary responsibility is the student’s education.  Below is a list of the Faculty Advisor’s responsibilities:

  • Assist in the development of the Learning Agreement
  • Facilitate discussions with students about their progress
  • Participate in problem-solving sessions when appropriate
  • Review the work supervisor’s evaluation reports
  • Assess the learning outcomes of the co-op/internship experience
  • Award academic credit by assigning a grade
  • Serve as the primary contact for the worksite supervisor:
    • Maintain communication by phone, email and/or in person
    • Host fact-finding meetings when problems arise
    • Evaluate the worksite for future co-op students (minimum one visit to site)

* Please note: As a faculty advisor, you are responsible for assessing the student’s progress based on the midterm and final evaluations completed by the student’s Workplace Internship Supervisor. In order to maintain the integrity of the Cooperative Education program and remain unbiased in the grading and evaluation process, the Cooperative Education Faculty Advisor cannot also serve as the student’s Workplace Internship Supervisor.