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Posting an On-Campus Job through Handshake

Student Employment Policy

Montclair State University is committed to providing meaningful on-campus employment opportunities for full-time undergraduate and graduate students.  These opportunities are intended to enable students to earn a portion of their educational expenses, enhance their educational development and growth, and provide experiences that may be of vocational value in post-college years.  Prior to hiring students, please review the Student Employment Policy.

There are two employment programs available for students on campus:

  • Federal Work Study (FWS): This is a federally supported employment program for students who are eligible based on the FAFSA. If you are a recipient of financial aid, you may be eligible to receive Federal Work Study funds. Check if you have FWS funds.  If a student has not submitted a timesheet and/or has not obtained employment by October for fall enrollees or by March for spring enrollees, their work study award will be canceled.
  • Student Assistant (SA): This is a University employment program. View eligibility requirements for SA employment.

How to Post on Handshake

  1. Complete Handshake’s registration form using your Montclair State email address.  When you sign up, we’ll match your Montclair State email domain with all the active units/division within Handshake.
  2. Do not join the “Montclair State University” company profile.  Instead, choose your unit/division from the company list.
    • If you don’t see a company profile for your unit/division, please click the “Create Employer” button!  Visit Handshake’s resource, Create a Company Profilefor a step-by-step guide, including screenshots.
    • When creating a company for your unit/division, please use the naming convention [Montclair State University – Unit Name].  For example, “Montclair State University – Career Services”.
  3. Verify your account.  Once you join, you will need to be approved by the person who created that unit/division.

Post an On-Campus Job

Follow the steps below to create a new job posting.

1. Click Post a Job from your home dashboard, or click Jobs on the left navigation bar to access the Jobs page, then click the blue button Create Job in the upper-right corner of the page.

Post a Job Button in Handshake
Create a Job button in handshake


  • You’ll now be required to complete four tabs in the posting. These include the job Basics, Details, Preferences, and Schools you’d like to post the position to. You also have the option to use the Preview tab to confirm your postings details.
  • PLEASE NOTE: All on-campus job postings should indicate in the job title and the job description if the position is “Federal Work Study”, “Student Assistant”, or both.
    • All Federal Work Study positions should be titled, [FWS – Job Title].  For example, “FWS – Program Assistant”.
    • All Student Assistant positions should be titled, [SA – Job Title].  For example, “SA – Help Desk Technician”.
    • If the position is eligible for both types of on-campus student employment, the posting should be titled, [FWS or SA – Job Title].  For example, “FWS or SA – Social Media Assistant”.

Handshake Help Center

Hiring Student Workers

Student Employment Compensation

Compensation for working on campus is determined by the department in which a student works. The Office of Student Financial Aid only determines the total amount a student can earn per semester for Federal Work Study; the department determines how much a student earns per hour. For reference, view the acceptable compensation scale.

Departments should note that once a student has earned their allotted federal work-study amount for the semester and/or academic year, the student is no longer eligible for work-study and the student must be paid from the department’s budget (as a Student Assistant) or they can no longer work for the remainder of the semester or academic year.

How to Process a Hire

All Student Employees are hired by departments directly in Workday.

Information on how to add a Student Employee in Workday can be found in “How to Process a Hire – Student Workers and Temporary Employees” within the Hiring: Adjuncts, Student Workers and Temporary Employees section of the Workday Resources page.

In the event you need to revise the employment terms for a Student Employee, please review these Workday Process documents:

If you have any questions, please contact the Workday Service Desk ‌at: 973-655-5000 (Option 3) or email WCCSupport@montclair.edu.