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Career Counseling

Connect with The Career Services Office in your College!

You are assigned a career services office based on your program of study.  Your designated career advisors are here to help you at all stages of your career development, including resume critiques, interview techniques, co-ops and internships, job search strategies, and more!

College of the Arts

Twice designated as a Center of Excellence, the College of the Arts (CART) maintains a commitment to quality programs, providing professional training and education for students seeking careers as practitioners, educators, public servants and managers of the arts. CART works with employers that represent industries and corporations as well as for-profit and non-profit organizations who are looking to hire interns or recent CART graduates.  Visit the College of the Arts Career Services page.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: Morehead Hall, Room 221
  • Phone: 973-655-7495
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College for Community Health

The College for Community Health (CCHL) offers a wide variety of outstanding undergraduate and graduate programs leading to professional careers in public and private schools, government agencies, non-profit organizations and private industry. All programs in the College are firmly grounded in the liberal arts and include the opportunity for internships, fieldwork or student teaching. Visit the College for Community Health  Career Services page.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: University Hall, Suite 1180
  • Phone: 973-655-7866
  • Career Services Director: Linda Flynn
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College of Humanities and Social Sciences

The College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHSS) combines a traditional liberal arts education with focused preparation in a wide range of disciplines and professional areas. With 20 majors, more than 40 minors and numerous areas of graduate study and professional certificate programs, the College works closely with employers to build their entry-level talent hires. Visit the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Career Services page.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: Dickson Hall, Room 105
  • Phone: 973-655-4374
  • Career Services Director: Nadine Verna
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College of Science and Mathematics

The College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) distinguishes itself in transdisciplinary areas, such as sustainability science, environmental management and pharmaceutical life sciences while simultaneously covering all major disciplines within the realm of science and mathematics. The College strongly supports links to relevant industries and has strong relationships with industry professionals. The reach of CSAM extends beyond the campus, sharing its programs and research expertise through regional, national and international collaborations with academic, state and national labs and industries. Visit the College of Science and Mathematics Career Services page.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: Richardson Hall, Suite 301
  • Phone: 973-655-7793
  • Career Services Director: Gen Hinson
  • Career Advisor and Employer Relations Specialist: Koralee Grullon
  • Employer Relations Specialist: Lauren Markon 
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Feliciano School of Business

The Feliciano School of Business (SBUS) is driven by a single goal: to transform today’s students into tomorrow’s business leaders. The School’s business students gain the skills, knowledge and experience needed to compete successfully in today’s global marketplace. The programs in Business Administration develop and strengthen the skill sets, awareness, personal and professional attributes and the experiences necessary to ensure long-term success. The School provides students with a broad-based and integrated foundation in business that is ultimately shaped by a rigorous concentration area based on personal and professional interests. Visit the Feliciano School of Business Career Services page.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: School of Business, Room 170
  • Phone: 973-655-4303
  • Career Services Director: Sabrina Sanichar
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University College

University College is the academic home for both pre-major students and students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies (BLS) program. We are here to guide and support you through major exploration and personalized career planning. Whether you are exploring your academic and career interests, working towards meeting the admissions requirements of the College or School of your choice, or in the process of changing your major, University College will provide you with the support, guidance and opportunities needed to forge a successful academic path within Montclair State University. UC Career Services provides a comprehensive approach to career exploration, including one-on-one career advising, academic exploration events, Skills for Success (SFS) workshops, Crash-a-Class programming and much more.

Career Services Contact Information

  • Location: Cole Hall, Suite 300
  • Phone: 973-655-7245
  • Career Services Director: Adam Mayer
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  3. Click Schedule a New Appointment
  4. Select the category that best applies
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