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Peer students or professionals, CAST tutors have demonstrated the ability to assist and lead students toward academic growth. By means of tutors’ encouragement, students gain greater insight, skills and confidence in learning.

Peer Tutor (PT) is an undergraduate student who has demonstrated an outstanding academic performance in the subject area(s) s/he wishes to tutor. It is required that a PA be a junior or senior student, have achieved a B+ or better in a particular subject area and have achieved an overall GPA of 3.00 or higher. Although tutoring experience is desired, it is not required; CAST offers training for all tutors.

Graduate Tutor (GT) holds a bachelor’s degree or higher from Montclair State University or any other accredited institution of higher education. An GT should have achieved an outstanding academic record, particularly in the specialty area(s).

Volunteer Tutor (VT) is an undergraduate/graduate student or an employed or retired individual who has demonstrated commitment to helping college students excel academically. Furthermore, a VT must have achieved an outstanding academic performance in the subject area(s) s/he wishes to tutor in addition to having an excellent academic record. Volunteer Tutors must also attend and participate in the training sessions as well as comply with CAST policies.

Supplemental Instructor (SI) is a junior, senior or graduate student recommended by a faculty member who will attend classes, read assigned materials, take notes and serve as a model student. Sis will conduct out of classroom SI sessions for the students from the same course two or three times a week and communicate with the professor from the course on a regular basis.

Academic Coach (AC) is a skill based tutor who works with students in general academic skills like time management, study strategies and more. These coaches tailor their meetings to their students’ needs and provide them with resources along with schedule follow up meetings to check in.