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Meet the Tutors


Here you can meet some of the incredible tutors at the Center for Academic Success & Tutoring! If you would like to schedule an appointment with any of them or any of our other tutoring and SI staff please make an appointment in Navigate or use the direct link below. For additional support you can call the tutoring center front desk at 973-655-4364.

We want to hear about your tutoring experience! Be sure to complete the Tutoring Feedback Survey to share your thoughts about your tutors. This information is shared anonymously during evaluation periods to help our team build their tutoring skills. Plus, we also love to give a tutor a positive shout out.

Name: Emily Brennan
Major: Speech Language Pathology

Year: Graduate
Subjects Tutored: German and Linguistics
Fun Fact: This summer, I studied abroad in Munich, Germany!

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Name: Anthony Boldrini
Year: Junior
Subjects Tutored: Dual Enrollment Sociology and Speech
Fun Fact: II enjoy reading and watching sports

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Name: Russell Maloney
Major: Biology

Year: Senior
Subjects Tutored: Biology, Chemistry, Precalculus
Fun Fact: I enjoy fishing and hunting.

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Name: Rocco Julian
Major: Mathematics

Year: Sophomore
Subjects Tutored: Mathematics
Fun Fact: I love animals.

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Name: Acadia Merson
Major: Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies (with minor in Sociology)

Year: Junior
Subjects Tutored: Sociology, Gender Studies, Public Speaking and various Social Sciences
Fun Fact: One fun fact about me is that I love making, designing, and altering my own clothing.

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Name: Azizah Allan
Major: MS in Nutrition and Wellness with AND Certification

Year: Graduate Student
Subjects Tutored: Nutrition and Food Studies and Peer Academic Success Coach.
Fun Fact: I am a self taught artist.

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Name: Anthony Gachetti
Major: Masters in Teaching/Teacher of Students with Disabilities

Year: Graduate
Subjects Tutored: Earth Science, Chemistry, Ethics and Philosophy
Fun Fact: I love to travel a lot, and will be teaching in NSW Australia after graduation.

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Name: Maggy Val
Major: Biology

Year: Junior
Subjects Tutored: Peer Tutor
Fun Fact: I can crochet.

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Name: Carson Ten Eyck
Major: Latin/Classics

Year: Junior
Subjects Tutored: Peer Tutor
Fun Fact: I absolutely love epic poetry!

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Name: Kaleigh Coyle
Major: Communication and Media Studies

Year: Senior
Subjects Tutored: Communication and Media Studies and Writing
Fun Fact: I also have a Musical theatre minor and am a part of the student-run theatre club on campus, Players!

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Name: Abigail Frimpong-Manso
Major: Molecular Biology

Year: Graduate
Subjects Tutored: Molecular Biology, Genomics, Physiology, Special topics in Microbiology.
Fun Fact: I know a lot about foods from other parts of the world but I have never tasted them.

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Name: Heeyong Chae
Major: Business Administration

Year: Senior
Subjects Tutored: Korean Language
Fun Fact: I’ve raised a snail.

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