Two students sitting in the CELS building discussing things.

Tutoring Training Program

Every semester the Center offers a Tutor-Training Orientation to our new and returning tutors who are carefully selected to provide tutoring in a variety of subject areas. The purpose is to provide tutors with appropriate learning strategies and tutoring techniques needed for effective tutoring. Throughout the Tutor-Training, the emphasis is placed on the importance of a well-organized tutoring session focusing on:

  • Study strategies
  • Distinguished dominant learning styles
  • Academic interchange between a tutor and a student

Faculty and professional staff from different departments are invited to join CAST members to discuss and explore ways of helping students accomplish academic goals.

Learning Objectives of the Tutor Training:

  • Create an environment that reinforces the interaction between tutors, faculty and professional staff.
  • Introduce and emphasize CAST policies, procedures and expectations for new and returning tutors.
  • Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of tutoring skills by introducing the dynamics of the tutoring session.
  • Share and experience a variety of tutor-tutee situations through the role-playing activities.
  • Strengthen cross-cultural awareness and understanding.
  • Become well prepared to provide rigorous learning assistance for remedial students and students with disabilities.