Photo of students during counseling session.

Advanced Counseling Certificate Program (LPC) – Post-Master’s

Coordinator: Ms. Lisa Ellis
Office: University Hall, Room 2127
Phone: 973-655-7267


The Advanced Counseling Post-Master’s program was developed for students with a Master’s in Counseling who need to complete additional educational requirements for NJ licensure. Once a student is admitted into the program, a transcript review is completed and an individualized program of study is developed based on NJ and Montclair State University requirements.

The Advanced Counseling Certificate program is designed to fulfill state-level and national standards for Licensed Professional Counselors. This program meets the highest professional standards according to CACREP, The National Board for Certified counselors (NBCC), and the NJ Board of Marriage and Family Therapists.

Course Requirements

Internship Requirement

Students who have not completed 600 hours of internship in a community agency/mental health setting will be required to complete a minimum of 300 hours and enroll in COUN 654 Internship I and/or COUN 674 Internship II, in addition to required coursework as stated above. This requirement is consistent with the State Board of Professional Counselors in NJ for counselor licensure. Approval from the advisor for the Post Master’s Certificate Programs must be given to apply for the internship.

Additional Requirements

Minimum Requirements: This is a Post-Master’s program, requiring a Master’s in counseling or counselor education from an accredited US college or university. This certificate is designed to supplement a Master’s in counseling degree with the credit hours necessary in attaining the 60-semester hour minimum required by the Professional Counselor Committee of the NJ Board of Marriage and Family Therapists. Included in the Master’s degree must be a two-semester Counseling Internship experience of 600 total hours (300 each semester) in a non-school setting.

The States of New Jersey, New York and 47 other states, require status as a licensed counselor in order to work as a counselor in those states, in all settings that are non-school based. This certificate will provide the additional courses that are required in New Jersey, with the number and type of required credits being totally dependent upon the number of appropriate credits gained for the initial Master’s degree.

Each matriculated certificate student will be advised on an individual basis in choosing the most appropriate courses for her/him. Students may be required to take additional credits to reflect current State of NJ for the LPC. The LPC Program Advisor and The Graduate School may approve course substitutions depending on transcript review of the Master’s degree.