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Creative Clothing

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What?? You didn’t know that bright pink sunglasses and a trash bag with pipe cleaners accents are the styling fashion choice on campus?

guy in pink glasses and trash bag CROPPED

Last night, students in our intro entrepreneurship course, “Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation,” started the three-class creativity boot camp, which is a highlight of the course for many students. The boot camp is taught by Montclair State adjunct professor Iain Kerr. The course’s regular professors, Ross Malaga and Larry Schuffman, are also there to assist.

iain kerr headshotIain Kerr

Each student must bring 10 items to class, including “3 large things that are about your size (that can be destroyed/transformed).” No doubt, some, if not all, students are thinking “WT…H” (yeah, let’s go with “H”) when they get this list. I won’t give away what happens during the boot camp–you’ll need to enroll in the course next semester to find out (look for the ENTR course code when registering later this spring)–but the students do seem to have a fun time while learning all the different shapes and sizes, literally, that creativity can take. How could you not when someone is standing in the classroom, wearing this?

woman in box with tennis racket