The MIX Lab website is our new interdisciplinary hub for transformative innovation, and digitally mediated making.

MIX stands for Making and Innovating for X, where X is the unknown, that which exceeds our grasp, the future, and the open-ended nature of creativity, good design and big problems. The co-directors of MIX Lab are Iain Kerr, associate professor of Innovation Design, and Jason Frasca, entrepreneurship instructor.

In August 2015 we installed 35 cloud-based 3D printing devices to create a 3D design and printing lab that is one of the largest university-based 3D printing facilities in the U.S. and one of the first housed in a school of business. This innovation lab, which is a resource for the entire Montclair State community, will continue our overall goal of blurring the line where the campus ends and the entrepreneurial community begins.

In summer 2017, we added a dozen new printers to MIX Lab.

The MIX Lab is a resource for the entire university. The 48 3D printing devices are used by all types of Montclair State students, but especially those pursuing our 9-credit Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making. MIX Lab also offers rapid prototyping services to the region’s small and midsized manufacturing companies. We also partner with local high schools on 3D printing and innovation design programs.

The MIX Lab is a catalytic agent for creativity, design and rapid prototyping to incubate powerful real world outcomes across the campus and deep into the world at large.

Check out this Wired Jersey video about MIX Lab.