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Minor in Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship minor, which began in fall 2016, is the perfect way to pursue your passion as your major while getting real-world entrepreneurship skills with our minor.

The ENTR minor is open to any student, and it is easy to get started. To declare the ENTR minor, please complete the application.

The Entrepreneurship Minor is open to any non-business major, as well as Economics majors. Students pursuing a Business Administration major should consider a Concentration in Entrepreneurship.

These are the required courses for the ENTR minor in the order we recommend you take them:

Course Prerequisite Credits
ENTR 201 – Entrepreneurial Mindset and Innovation ENWR 105 or HONP 100 3
ENTR 310 – Entrepreneurial Accounting & Finance (only offered in fall semesters) ENTR 201 3
ENTR 320 – Marketing for Entrepreneurs (only offered in spring semesters) ENTR 201 3
ENTR 303 – Create & Pitch Your Startup (6 credit course)


ENTR 301 – Creating Your Startup Business Model (3 credits) AND ENTR 302 – Pitch and Launch Your Startup (3 credits) *

ENTR 201 6
Choose one elective from the list below:

  • ENTR 260 – Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing
  • ENTR 290 – Special Topics in Entrepreneurship
  • ENTR 350 – Entrepreneurship Co-op
  • Other course with prior approval of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship
See course catalog for prerequisites. 3

Program Total: 18 Credits

NOTE: ENTR 310 and ENTR 320 are restricted to students in the Entrepreneurship minor. They cannot be taken as business major electives.

*ENTR 301 and ENTR 302 must be taken in the same semester. ENTR 303 is the same content as ENTR 301 and 302, but just numbered as a 6-credit course.