Two women look at innovation items made by two male students

Certificate in Innovation Design

In fall 2015, we introduced the first course in our Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making. The certificate consists of three, three-credit courses taken in this sequence:

  • ENTR 260, “Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing”
  • ENTR 360, “Advanced Innovation and Digitally Mediated Making”
  • ENTR 460, “Applied Digital Innovation Design, and Lean Fabrication”

The certificate program is a unique fusion of innovation, entrepreneurship, creative problem-solving, 3D design and lean manufacturing. Students progress from basic training in 3D printing and entrepreneurial thinking to focused, iterative modeling and prototyping, and finally, working in teams, to real-world fabrication and market testing of their creations.

The certificate program is open to any undergraduate student, of any major. Students do not need to enroll in the certificate program, or fill out any paperwork—just register for “Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing” to get started!

The three courses in the certificate also count as Entrepreneurship electives for the Concentration in Entrepreneurship.