Our Team & Philosophy


We are now operating as a Virtual Office. We can be reached via email or phone between the hours of 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

If necessary to speak with someone in person, please contact:

Department Chair, Carley Graham Garcia at carleygg@montclair.edu, 973-655-2095

Department Admin, Lori Rowbotham at lori.rowbotham@montclair.edu, 973-655-5275

For Questions Regarding:

Pitch Contest: pitchcontest@montclair.edu

All other emails should be sent to: entrepreneurs@montclair.edu


At the Feliciano Center, creative spark and innovative ideas meet the tools to develop them into successful ventures. Part of the Feliciano School of Business, the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation is a resource for the entire campus, not just students pursuing a business degree. The Center supports a Concentration in Entrepreneurship, a Minor in Entrepreneurship, a Certificate of Entrepreneurship, and a Certificate in Innovation Design. Our highly interactive and experiential courses teach students the mindset of an entrepreneur, a valuable attitude that can help graduates succeed in any career. Our curriculum also helps students develop and enhance real-world skills that many employers desire today. With every industry changing so rapidly, employers want to hire people who are entrepreneurial, creative, innovative and problem-solvers. Our courses will show you how to be that employee.

We aim to blur the line where the campus ends and the entrepreneurial community begins. We do this by hosting a dozen or more free events annually to bring startup founders and innovators to campus to network with our students. We also send students out to co-op internships at startups. The Feliciano Center also has a special mission to nurture women entrepreneurs through program development, mentorship and events, such as Women Entrepreneurship Week.

Staff Directory

Carley Graham Garcia skyline photo

Carley Graham Garcia
Executive Director | Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Phone: 973-655-2095
Email: carleygg@montclair.edu
Room: 080C, Feliciano School of Business building

Lori Rowbotham

Lori Rowbotham
Program Assistant | Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation
Phone: 973-655-5275
Email: lori.rowbotham@montclair.edu
Room: 080, Feliciano School of Business building


Karen Cahn
Founder & CEO, iFundWomen
Room: 080, Feliciano School of Business building

Full-Time Faculty Directory

Larry DeGaetano

Larry DeGaetano
Instructional Specialist
Phone: 973-655-7457
Email: degaetanol@montclair.edu
Room: 372, Feliciano School of Business building
Jason Frasca

Jason M. Frasca
Co-Director of MIX Lab; Entrepreneurship Instructor and Startup Mentor
Phone: 973-655-3151
Email: jason.frasca@montclair.edu
Room: 435, Feliciano School of Business building

Iain Kerr

Iain Kerr
Co-Director of MIX Lab; Instructor of Innovation Design
Phone: 207-332-6097
Email: kerri@montclair.edu

Dr. Ross A. Malaga

Dr. Ross A. Malaga
Academic Director
Phone: 973-655-3419
Email: malagar@montclair.edu
Room: 464, Feliciano School of Business building

Ethne Swartz

Dr. Ethné Swartz
Phone: 973-655-7649
Email: swartze@montclair.edu
Room: 355, Feliciano School of Business building

Dr. Wencang (Warren) Zhou

Dr. Wencang (Warren) Zhou
Associate Professor
Phone: 973-655-3155
Email: zhouw@montclair.edu
Room: 452, Feliciano School of Business building


Advisory Board

The Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Advisory Board advises the Executive Director on entrepreneurial opportunities and strategies. The members of the Board act as ambassadors for the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation within the business community and identify resources and support for the Center.

Dennis Bone

Dennis M. Bone
Executive in Residence
Feliciano School of Business

Daryl Bryant

Daryl Bryant
Co-founder and CEO
Hudson Integrated and NaturalCell Supplements

Photo of Guy Falzarano

Guy Falzarano
Founder and CEO
Lightbridge Franchise Company

Mimi Feliciano

Mimi Feliciano
Founder and CEO
FEM Real Estate

Photo of Sally Glick

Sally Glick
Principal and Chief Growth Strategist
Sobel & Co.

Liz Hogan

Liz Hogan
Financial Services Executive

Marjorie Perry

Marjorie Perry
President and CEO
MZM Construction & Management Company, Inc.

Ilene Wachs

Ilene Wachs
Horizon Casualty Services, Inc.