Professor observes work done by high school students who are sitting at laptops

High School Partnerships

We are always eager to meet entrepreneurial high school students. If you are a high school teacher, we welcome you and your students at our free events. We also offer tours of our MIX Lab innovation center. Reach out to us to learn more — contact info at the bottom of this page.

We also sometimes offer a summer course for high school students so they can experience the rigor and expectations of a college-level class. High school students who enrolled in the past gave our program rave reviews.

Besides providing a sneak peek at college, our summer program gives students a taste of what it’s like to be an entrepreneur. We teach that entrepreneurs are not just business owners—they are roboticists, psychologists, artists, scientists, teachers, fashion designers, app developers, musicians, mathematicians, programmers, graphic designers, counselors, dancers, nutritionists, engineers, film-makers and more. Entrepreneurs are anyone who wants to be their own boss.

With an emphasis on creativity, the highly interactive and experiential course teaches students the mindset of an entrepreneur, a valuable attitude that can help students succeed in any career.

For more information about our high school partnerships, please email: