Two students at laptops inside MIX Lab

Innovation and 3D Printing Courses

Our 3D printing and innovation courses provide Montclair State students with the skills in digital fabrication and Innovation that meet tomorrow’s business needs today. 3D printing has infiltrated nearly every industry, and we believe it is imperative for our students to understand this cutting-edge and pervasive technology. Equally important is placing our students at the nexus of design thinking, innovation, making, creative problem-solving and entrepreneurship.

An exciting course touches on all of this: ENTR 260 “Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing.” In this course, students will be introduced to the basics of entrepreneurship, creative design thinking, and 3D design and printing. Working in teams, students will practice innovating and coming up with solutions to problems by developing and testing simple 3D prototypes.

The course is open to undergrads of any school, any major—you do not need to be a “techie” to take this course.

The Intro course is the first of three courses in our Certificate in Innovation Design and Digitally Mediated Making. The three courses in the Innovation certificate also count as ENTR electives in the Entrepreneurship minor or the Concentration in Entrepreneurship. If you have questions about our certificates, minor or concentration, please contact Sharon Waters, program manager, at or 973-655-6803.

If you have questions about the “Intro to Innovation and 3D Printing” course, contact Prof. Iain Kerr at or 973-655-3953.