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Mimi Feliciano Discusses Commitment to Montclair State with Steve Adubato

Entrepreneur talks about family, advancement of women, 3D printing in TV interview

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When Mimi Feliciano read a white paper proposing the creation of an entrepreneurship center at Montclair State, she “jumped out of her chair” and ran to get her husband, Eddie, a 1982 graduate of Montclair State.

“It needed to be done,” she told her husband. “And I wanted to be the one to do it.”

Mimi Feliciano recounted this tale during a recent TV interview with Steve Adubato, a 1980 grad of Montclair State, on “Caucus New Jersey.” The $1 million commitment by Mimi and Eddie Feliciano would fund the creation of the Feliciano Center for Entrepreneurship.

The couple’s commitment to Montclair State has only grown, expanding into a generous donation for what’s now the Feliciano School of Business.

In the interview, Mimi Feliciano also discussed getting her start by joining the family business, calling her parents “true entrepreneurs.” She also talked about Women Entrepreneurship Week, the statewide celebration started by the Feliciano Center as part of its mission to nurture and encourage women entrepreneurs. Mimi Feliciano also spoke about the new 3D printing lab in the Feliciano School of Business, an idea that started with Feliciano Center Founding Director Dennis Bone.

Also, in this video clip, Mimi Feliciano talked to Adubato about the number one leadership lesson she has learned, as part of Adubato’s “Lessons in Leadership” series.