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Kristine-Ellis Petrik

Owner & Head Roaster | Java Love Coffee Roasting Co.

Kristine-Ellis Petrik
Kristine is curious, tenacious, has a passion for storytelling, and brings an eclectic set of skills to the table. She is an award-winning journalist and marketing executive, a certified sommelier (International Sommelier Guild), certified coffee roaster and green bean buyer (Specialty Coffee Association), and a great person to have on your trivia night team!

Kristine began her journalism career as a video editor at CNN, and over the years leveraged her strong writing and leadership skills to become senior producer on several network news magazine programs before making the adventurous leap to the marketing and promotion team for the global news leader.

Driven by an almost complete lack of rational thought, and following their hearts, Kristine and her partner Dr. Jodie Dawson started the Java Love Coffee Roasting Company in 2011. Again, led by her curiosity, enthusiasm and creativity Kristine took on the role of head coffee roaster and is now a SCA certified coffee roaster and green bean buyer. What started as a romantic idea quickly became a successful business known for high quality coffee and exceptional customer experience, and while she is no longer in the day-to-day operations Kristine is intimately involved in coffee purchasing, staff training and maintaining the Java Love “vibe”.

Leveraging her love for storytelling and wide-ranging professional experiences, Kristine is an accomplished public speaker, moderator, and workshop facilitator; on topics ranging from Women’s Empowerment, Entrepreneurism, Sustainability, Leadership, Branding, Creativity, Corporate Culture, Marketing, and Coffee, Food & Wine.

Being someone always up for something new, Kristine is presently seeking new challenges and creating new successes with those willing to color outside the lines.