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Hakika DuBose

Founder/CEO | Kika Stretch Studios

Hakika DuBose
Hakika DuBose, a dancer/actress, is the Founder/CEO of Kika Stretch Studios and the KIKA Method®.

After working professionally as an actor and a dancer, she decided it was time to have more control of her schedule to raise her child. She combined what she learned from her training in Dance from Montclair State as a dance major, her work as a personal trainer, and the ability to create to form what today is known as the KIKA method. Ms. DuBose took the last $500 she had to put down as a deposit for her first office space, which was a room shared by a real estate agent. With a mat, a ball and a dream, Kika started teaching clients how they could use stretching as a tool for freedom. Helping clients not only become more flexible, but also realize the power of letting go of the tension that has been locked in the body for years, she grew her clientele to over 1,000 people over the course of four years. Ms. DuBose has created a platform for the idea of passive stretching and has provided scientific proof showing the benefits of complete relaxation while stretching.

She has performed in the Apollo Circus of Soul at the world famous Apollo Theater in New York and choreographers’ showcases around Manhattan. She has also been seen on HBO’s Flight of the Concords and on NBC’s 30 Rock.

Having gathered a wealth of experience in body movement, stretching and nutrition, and having earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance from Montclair State University, Hakika decided to offer stretching sessions to professional body builders. They loved her techniques, marveling at how they improved their performance and overall mobility. The KIKA Method® of assisted stretching was born.

The KIKA Method®, which is revolutionizing the world of stretching, is built upon Ms. DuBose’s training in dance, personal training, the Alexander technique, Laban movement analysis and advanced anatomy. Her stretch coaches are thoroughly trained in her techniques of unlocking flexibility.

Kika Is also the developer of Kika Stretch Years® a systematic method of measuring your age in flexibility years. Clients are able to track their progress and become younger than before, In Kika Stretch Years®.