Meet Our Advocates

Meet our Advocates


Hafsa Manir

Hafsa Manir is in their second year at MSU as a major in pre-med General Biology. They plan on going into Creative Writing later for a minor or second major. They currently aspire to be a gynecologist, with a focus on sex ed and accessible health education. Interests and hobbies include reading and writing, coddling their cat, and detective shows. Arbitrary skills include making beds and tea, and listing the 50 states in alphabetical order in under half a minute.

Sofia Acevedo Valencia

Sofia Acevedo Valencia is a junior majoring in Political Science. She found her passion for journalism, communications, and media last semester and wishes to incorporate those studies into her future career. As a Peer Health Advocate, she hopes to gain a better understanding of the medical world and promote health education in her community. In her free time, Sofia loves to take spontaneous field trips, listen to new bands, obnoxiously log in films into Letterboxd, read romance novels, and write for her college peers in The Montclarion and Her Campus.

Emalia Samouhos

Emalia Samouhos is a junior who is currently majoring in psychology. She has been volunteering as a Peer Health Advocate since Spring 2022 and is so excited to be returning for more opportunities to learn about safety and mental health. The Office of Health Promotion inspired Emalia to minor in education in hopes of leaving an impact on younger students about wellness. During her free time, Emalia enjoys working out, watching anime, reading, and hanging out with friends!

Serena Thomas

Serena Thomas is a junior studying Public Health with a concentration in Health Administration Systems and Policy. This is Serena’s second year volunteering as a Peer Health Advocate. After graduating, she is planning on pursuing nursing in an accelerated program and work within public health nursing. Serena is involved in several student leadership positions and organizations, including the Public Health Association at Montclair (PHAM). When she’s not working or studying, she enjoys creating songs, writing stories and spending time with loved ones.


Aiden is a junior majoring in psychology with dual minors in American Sign Language and social work.  On top of volunteering, Aiden is a certified crisis counselor on the Crisis Text Line and works on the e-board of DREAM, a club dedicated to advocating for disabled students at Montclair. He hopes to work in the mental health field one day and is passionate about advocating for disabled students receiving a quality and equitable education. In his free time, he enjoys painting, going to concerts, and spending time with his two cats and his friends.

Crystal Nwalor

Crystal is a sophomore majoring in Public Health at Montclair State University. She’s new to the Peer Health Advocate team this year and wants to get more involved on campus, especially in helping others make healthier choices. In her free time, Crystal enjoys baking, working with kids, playing volleyball and doing yoga.

Katherine Saravia

Katherine Saravia is in her third year at Montclair State University. She is currently pursuing a degree in Molecular Biology with a pre-med track, and has set her sights on attending medical school to become a physician. Katherine is extremely passionate about medicine and is committed to making a positive impact by bringing awareness to health issues in underserved and under-resourced communities. In addition to her academic achievements, Katherine is an avid tennis player who enjoys discovering new coffee shops in her free time. She also has a love for adventure and often embarks on road trips and hikes to explore new places.

Lynn Thompson

Lynn Thompson is a senior at Montclair State University. She is currently studying Linguistics with a minor in American Sign Language. This is Lynn’s first year as a Peer Health Advocate and she is excited to be a part of the team and help students around campus. She is hoping to dive into this new experience and learn a lot about health promotion and how to utilize this in her future career. In her free time, Lynn loves to find and listen to new music and watch her favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers.

Peter Tayo

Peter Tayo is a senior majoring in Biology on the pre-med track. He’s also minoring in psychology. Peter is aspiring to go to medical school and become a doctor. His favorite hobbies and activities are soccer and going to the gym. This is his first year as a Peer Health Advocate and he hopes to make a positive impact in his peers’ lives.

Rim El Kaddioui

Rim El Kaddioui is a junior and a recent transfer to Montclair. She is majoring in biochemistry and is interested in pursuing an advanced degree. This is Rim’s first time as a Peer Health Advocate, and she is excited to give back to the community. Her interests include listening to music, reading, writing, and watching videos. She also loves geography and can name around 180 countries.

Karla Gallardo

Karla is a third-year Biology student majoring in Biology with a double minor in Psychology and Visual Arts and hopes to pursue a MD/Ph.D. in Neurosurgery or Cancer Research. Karla is passionate about mental health and as a first-year Peer Health Advocate, she is excited to learn and promote mental and physical wellness on campus. She is also passionate about mentoring the next generation of scientists, especially individuals from underrepresented backgrounds, to follow their calling for STEM as she believes that the power of diversity can inspire ingenious thinking and breakthroughs. Apart from school, Karla enjoys practicing tennis and soccer with friends and drawing whenever she gets a chance. She also loves to bake and try new recipes but loves baking traditional Peruvian desserts as it brings her closer to her culture.