Three students hula hooping outside the Drop In Center

Weekly Workshops

Weekly Workshops

The Office of Health Promotion offers a variety of weekly workshops. We are actively building additions to this set of resources that are designed to enhance your well-being. Follow us on Engage and Instagram (montclair_healthpromotion) to stay up to date and get links for Zoom!

Workshops are subject to change.

Take-and-Make Craft Kits

Tap into your creative side and join us for crafts! Craft kits will be premade with everything you need. A new craft will be available every other week for pick up at the Drop-In Center.

Mindfulness Meditation

  • Monday: 12 p.m.

Mindfulness Meditation is the practice of being self-aware with an extra focus on your breath. Practicing mindfulness meditation may lower your stress, help you connect better with yourself and others, and increase focus by calming your mind. Open to all who are interested in learning about meditation and developing mindfulness in daily life. Participate with video or audio only.

Recovery Room

  • Tuesdays: 3-4 p.m., Health Promotion Drop In Center

Recovery Room is an informal group for students who are looking to explore their relationship with alcohol and/or drugs or self-identify as in recovery and are seeking resources and peer support in a safe and affirming recovery-friendly environment on campus.

For more information and details to participate in this group, contact Dr. Marie Cascarano at

*This group is only open to Montclair State University students who are currently in recovery from alcohol or other drugs, or actively seeking recovery resources. Please note people looking to observe in order to fulfill academic requirements or for any other reason will NOT be permitted.

Fireside Chats

  • Thursdays: 3-4 p.m., Drop In Center

A space for students to meet, connect and have a casual conversation about a given topic, while enjoying refreshments.