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Padlet is an online collaborative bulletin board that allows participants to interact by posting text, links, images, videos, and more. Montclair State has acquired a site license that allows faculty and staff the ability to create an unlimited number of Padlets.

Use the Padlet Account Request Form to request a Teacher account associated with your Montclair State University NetID for Padlet. After your Padlet account request is received and approved, go to, then log in with your Montclair Google Account (NetID and associated password).

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Introduction to Padlet

Basics for Educators

Padlet Privacy Settings

When setting up your padlets for student assignments, you should always check your privacy settings. It is highly recommended that you set your privacy settings to Secret and visitor permissions to can write so that it is hidden from Google and public areas of Padlet.

To change your privacy settings, do the following:

  1. Click on Share then Change Privacy.
  2. Enable the Secret option.
  3. Set the Visitor permissions to can write.
Sample Padlet Board

A public sample Padlet board is available here: Montclair State Faculty Canvas Orientation Padlet Board