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New to Montclair: Resources for Faculty

If you’re new to teaching at Montclair, or this is your first time teaching in general, ITDS has created a course that offers resources for faculty looking to better equip themselves for their first semester at Montclair State University. This course, New to Montclair: Resources for Faculty, will help you learn strategies and techniques to enhance your teaching experience. Our goal is to help you succeed, providing you with the tools and resources to rise to your ambitions. As you progress through this course, you’ll learn about what to expect from any learning environment here at Montclair along with the strategies and tips necessary to help you excel in a range of formats. Resources related to the following topics are presented:
  • Module 1: Instructional Technology & Design Services
  • Module 2: IT General Information/Resources
  • Module 3: Teaching Location and Teaching Modalities
  • Module 4: Canvas and Your Course Environment
  • Module 5: Course Design Basics
  • Module 6: Strategies and Technologies for Teaching
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