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Math Education EdD student recognized by NSF

Justin Seventko receives Honorable Mention for proposal to the National Science Foundation’s Graduate Research Fellowship Program

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Feature image for Congratulations Justin Seventko, who received the Graduate Student Research Poster Award at the 10th Annual Student Research Symposium

Justin’s proposal, An Investigation into Millennial Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Regarding Equity-based, Culturally-relevant Mathematics Pedagogy, was chosen for honorable mention by the National Science Foundation. The fellowship is extremely competitive, with over 16,000 applications received from graduate students across all of the STEM disciplines and only 2,000 fellowships awarded. Justin’s proposal was chosen as one of those 2,000 honorable mentions. His research proposal sought to explore and inform potential field experiences in urban school districts that could make concrete connections between the multicultural experiences of the millennial generation and culturally-relevant pedagogical practices.