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German Courses Fall 2023

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Course Title Course Description Course Offerings
Beginning German I & II As the essential introductory series, these courses promise not only to teach you the basic skills for communication with German speakers, but also to introduce socio-historical topics of central concern to German culture, from Germany’s role in the European Union to the German school system to daily life in Berlin and other cities. To enhance your comfort in interacting with German speakers, courses will provide formal and informal opportunities to read authentic texts and listen to German native speakers, as well as write and speak about yourself, your experiences, and your opinions. GERM10101:   MR 12:45-2:00, LaFountain, CRN 40564, UH 3050
GERM10102:      TF 9:45-11:00, Herold, CRN 43664, DI 113
GERM10201:      MR 11:15-12:30, Glore-Crimmins, CRN 41664, DI 172
GERM10202: TF 12:45-2, Herold, CRN 45383, Bohn 493
GERM12101: MR 2:15-3:30, Glore-Crimmins, CRN 41744, RI 118
Advanced German Through Film I The German-speaking world has produced a disproportionate number of prize-winning films that have gained international renown, from German Expressionism to the prolific Turkish-German director Fatih Akin. Emphasis will be placed on films addressing two central topics: the continued negotiation of East/West identity and cultural diversity in Germany. This course will feature some of the highlights of contemporary German film history, using these films as springboards for cultural discussions in which you will have a chance to gain comfort in speaking, add to your German vocabulary, polish your writing, and systematically refresh your German grammar. You will be exposed to a variety of discursive modes: exposition, explanation, argumentation, debate, improvisation, etc. GERM22401: MR 3:45-5:00, LaFountain, CRN 45384, UH 2040
Intro to German Literature: Poetry In this course, we read, analyze, and interpret German poems from the last four centuries. Students learn about different literary currents and epochs. They also learn to use the common tools of textual analysis and poetry interpretation such as rhetorical figures, stylistic devices, rhythm, meter, etc. Students will not only be exposed to an overview of German poetry but will also learn how to read and interpret, and thus strengthen their critical thinking. Discussions will include questions of translation as well as interpretation. This course is taught exclusively in German. GERM25101: TR 5:30-6:45, Herold, CRN 45385, DI155
Fairy Tales from Grimm to Disney This course examines the oral roots and multimedia afterlife of German fairy tales documented by the Brothers Grimm in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Core fairy tale themes and motifs will be discussed, as will later treatments of the narrative material, and theoretical approaches to understanding fairy tales from structuralist, psychoanalytical, feminist, and poststructuralist perspectives. After in- depth analysis of the Grimm fairy tales, the course explores Romantic literary fairy tales by Ludwig Tieck and E.T.A. Hoffmann, as well as twentieth-century appropriations of the fairy tales by Disney and others. Concluding discussions will engage with the pressing question of how contemporary individuals can mobilize these multiform cultural tales to help establish new social roles and identities. *** Meets Gen Ed 2002 – Great Works and their Influences. This course “double dips,” counting for German Major/Minor AND Gen Ed. Cross listed with GRIN 226. GERM22601: MR 9:45-11:00, LaFountain, CRN 45384
Teaching German in Secondary Schools This course introduces students to the aims, objectives and methods used in teaching German in secondary schools: textbooks, supplementary teaching materials, language laboratory, tests, etc. Required for majors desiring teacher certification / alternate route. This course does not count towards a German major or minor. Prerequisites: GERM121 or departmental approval. GERM 419: F 2:30-5:00, English/LaFountain, CRN45447, SYNC Online


Course Title Course Description
GERM227: Nazi Cinema and Propaganda: Travel Course (GEN ED F1) This course will meet in the second half of the SP24 semester once/week and then add a 10 day travel segment in May 2024 to Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin where we will visit and study historical sites as well as places of remembrance where we will discuss contemporary memory culture.
Summer study abroad Language course in Munich in August 2024, where you can earn three German language credits at all levels. Scholarships available.

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