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Program Personnel

Program Director

Dr. Thomas Herold is Associate Professor of German and has been at Montclair since 2011. He teaches language, literature and culture classes at all levels and is an active study abroad supporter, advisor, and leader of a faculty-led study abroad program to Germany. His research focuses on twentieth and twenty-first century German literature and culture.

Faculty French Program

Dr. Elizabeth Emery participated in a French immersion program at age 16 and has been speaking French ever since, through travel and work in France, Québec, Belgium, and New Jersey. An award-winning scholar and author specialized in medieval and nineteenth-century French cultural studies, she loves teaching French at all levels through hands-on projects related to baking, music, photography, film, manga, sustainability projects, and games of all sorts. She is currently leading a course related to the cultural history of sports in France and looks forward to participating in the inaugural summer of the Language Institute (which takes place during this summer’s Paris Olympics!).

Faculty German Program

Dr. Pascale LaFountain is Associate Professor of German and French and has been at Montclair since 2011. Her research and teaching interests include language pedagogy, theater studies, and community outreach programs. Dr. LaFountain was instrumental in Montclair State’s designation as a German Center of Excellence, obtained in November 2020.

Faculty Korean Program

Yun Kim teaches Korean at all levels from kindergarten to college. She has taught in a STARTALK program managed and funded by the National Security Agency. At Montclair, she aims to cultivate student leadership and engages students with community service. This spring semester, she serves is faculty leader of the University’s study abroad program to Korea.