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Second BA Program

The MSU Second BA Program is a way to complete a second major in another language – without committing to another four years!


Having a second BA is another great way to increase your marketability and boost your employment opportunities for the future. Working closely with an advisor will allow students to prepare for a competitive job market while enhancing their academic experience within multiple programs offered.

Did you know?

When a student is admitted as a second BA seeker, the University waives the General Education and University core courses.  Such students are considered seniors from the start.  The only requirement students need be concerned with is the residency requirement.  A student coming to Montclair State to complete a second BA must complete a minimum of 32 credits in order to receive the degree.  For a student who has already completed the minor in the language of study in the second BA program — whether Arabic, French, German, or Italian — the second BA would be completed with fewer than 32 credits.  There is, however, nothing stopping such a student from adding another minor or just taking any additional credits (in any language or any other discipline) to get to the 32 credits required.


Dr. Lois Oppenheim, Chair
Dept. of World Languages and Cultures Phone: 973-655-4283