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Five Humanities Students Present at Undergraduate Conference in Pennsylvania

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Pictured from L to R: Alli Kodila, Dr. Thomas Herold, Maya Niemsyk, Cameron Mackay, Siegfried Schaefer, and Sidney Berger

Dr. Thomas Herold recently took 5 students to the second Lycoming College Undergraduate Humanities Research Conference in Williamsport, PA.

Sidney Berger (German and Linguistics), Maya Niemsyk (Professional and Public Writing), Alli Kodila (German and Linguistics), Cameron Mackay (Philosophy), and Siegfrid Schaefer (German) presented five excellent research papers, professionally fielded audience questions and answers, and met 70 other rising scholars from the Northeast.

Students presented timely innovative presentations on such topics as HIV/AIDS in East Germany, the role of “Gendersprache” and “Denglish” from a historical linguistic perspective, the use of Kietzdeutsch in online German content, transgender identities in multiple film variants of The Little Mermaid, and analysis of the “Slept Agenda of Popular Culture” from a philosophical perspective.

Faculty from other institutions noted how well-researched these Montclair presentations were.