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Language Placement Policy

Students wishing to take a language offered in the Department of World Languages and Cultures must adhere to the Language Placement policy as stated below:

  • All students who have, in high school, taken a language offered in the Dept. of World Languages and Cultures must take the Montclair State Placement Exam in that language to continue studying it at Montclair State University.
  • For students having non-academic experience with a language in our department (such as the language is spoken in the family), the Placement Exam must also be taken to determine proper placement.

Students may not place themselves in a certain course level without taking the exam and finding out their placement score.

Dept. policy states that the appropriate level for students who have had two years of one of our languages in high school is at least 112.

For inquiries:  Contact Jamal Shahin, at or 973-655-5186.