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Language Placement Policy

Students wishing to take a language offered in the Department of World Languages and Cultures must adhere to the Language Placement Policy as stated below:

You have studied a Language in High School, or you have spoken it at home or work…

• To pursue that Language at MSU, Take the Language Placement Test and speak to a WLC Advisor
• Placed at 2nd Semester level? Take 2 sequential courses
• Placed at 3rd Semester level? Take 1 course
• Dept. policy states that the appropriate level for students who have had two years of one of our languages in high school is at least 112.

But don’t stop there!
Speak to a WLC Advisor about special opportunities, Minors and Majors for Global Fluency!

You want to study a New Language at Montclair State University?

• Take 1st and 2nd semester courses in that Language
• Speak to a WLC Advisor to learn about special opportunities like LBC, Internships, Study Abroad, Certificates!
• Consider a Minor or Major in languages other than English for Global Fluency!

You are a transfer student to Montclair State University…

• The Language Placement Test is recommended!
• Transferring with 1 course? Take 1 more
• Transferring without? Take 1st and 2nd semester

You are a student at the Center for Adult Learning…

• No Placement Test! Take 2 sequential courses

You are a native speaker of a language other than English…

• Speak to a WLC advisor about special opportunities, like Internships, BA/MA Programs, Certificates, Minors and Majors in your language and others!
• You can get credit for your language experience with the NYU Test,
call: 212-998-7030 Proctoring at ASC: x4476

The Placement Exam may be taken on-line: Language Placement Testing.
Students may not place themselves in a certain course level without taking the exam and finding out their placement score.
For inquiries:  Contact Jamal Shahin, at or 973-655-5186.

Consider the Power of Plurilingualism!

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